The Rhythmic Advancement of Spring

In my yearly travels back to the states from wintering over in the Haute Savoie region of France, nestled between Lac Leman and the French Alps, I have the wonderful privilege of watching the very precious beginning weeks of Spring unfold three times.

With Spring coming just a few weeks earlier in France than the Connecticut shore, where I stop to visit family, and just a few weeks earlier in Connecticut than in Maine, I get to watch those first weeks again and again, before I end my seasonal migration at my yurt on the back fields of Blessed Maine Herb Farm in Athens. Where this year I have the pleasure of returning to work for my third season, under the guidance of Gail Faith Edwards.

Among my abundant blessings this one I carry very dear, tasting those first dandelion greens, three times over, visiting my beloved ramp patches both in France and then again in Connecticut, where as if by magic they are suspended in the same perfect place for harvesting weeks apart.


Around February my dreams and heart begin turning back to Maine and imagining the shifting of roots and rhizomes underneath the frozen soil. The birch trees begin to swell and flow with sap and the anticipation builds for that controlled and glorious explosion which is Spring.

While it is a great comfort to know that the bursting forth of Mother Earth in Spring is autonomous, independent of all human eyes that might witness the surge, how much greater is the joy when we can participate. When we can lay with ears and wild hearts pressed to the earth and hear those aching songs of growth, knowing with immense gratitude and willing hands that it is time to get back to work.

In preparation for the 2016 season at Blessed Maine Herb Farm, Rosa has been tapping birch trees and Ashley has been starting our perennial herb seeds in greenhouses and sunny kitchen tables. 


Meanwhile, Grace is lovingly gathering a small herd of goats who will browse the woodlands of the farm and provide, milk, cheese and meat.

Also, we are looking forward to working with other Maine farmers in the Maine Organic Herb Growers Cooperative to provide you with a wide array of superior quality bulk dried medicinal herbs. Our intention is to serve small scale herbalists, medicine makers and herb stores as well as large herb suppliers. And, by working together and combining the fruits of our labor, we hope to stimulate the local economy and bring increased prosperity and support to small farms in Maine.

We are and will continue to be advocates for local food, medicine and grass roots economic growth within our central Maine community.


It is with bright and blooming hearts that all of us at Blessed Maine Herb Farm invite you to follow along with us this season.

Watch the growth, gifts and blessings of the plants, trees and animals and share in our joy of being the stewards of this beautiful piece of ridge top land.