A Week of Planting and Medicine Making

We have spent the week moving baby plants from the greenhouse to the gardens. Tilling, weeding and creating new beds and shifting plants from old beds to new. We have given a wonderful revitalization to our front herb garden. The fresh beds are now filled with Angelica and Codonopsis from the greenhouse, transplanted Lemon Balm and the longest streching rows of Calendula. Heritage beans Gail brought back from her ancestral mountain in Italy fill a small center plot, alongside onions and horseradish roots.

Ginger has been planted in the greenhouse and covered with a thick layer of our darkest, richest compost. Here they will grow happily alongside the thriving Rhodiola beds, blooming Goldenseal and the creeping and climbing Schisandra, Codonopsis and Clematis vines that blanket the walls and hang delicately overhead.

We continue to rake and break down old ghosts. The blackberry patch was thinned out yesterday, the hops vines are reaching out towards their trellis and with the anticipation of summer interns, a new roof has been put on the Herb House.

Gemmotherapy Elixirs of Horsetail, Rose, Wild Grape and Juniper are put up on the shelves.

The first medicine making of the year is done.

And it feels so good.