Back On The Farm

After winters spent in Italy, France, and just down the road, we have all been migrating slowly back on the farm to begin another season.

The early spring plants are beginning to reveal themselves, beautiful little stands of Bloodroot beckon us to visit and sit quietly in the woods. Garlic mustard,  nettles and dandelion greens are nourishing our winter hearts and bellies, finding their ways into early spring pestos, breads, and potatoes with the orange yolky eggs of Ashley's father's chickens. Almost everything we eat right now is accompanied with spoonfuls of Ashley's fresh goat cheese mixed with garlic sprouts and wild Marjaram and lovely, silky glasses of cold, fresh goat milk. Our bodies have been so hungry for these things and are feeling supremely nourished.

Graces' goats have been grazing the woodlands on the peripheries of the farm and feeding our spirits. Three new babies were born just last week and we are getting so much enjoyment from watching them steady themselves on new legs and venture out to pasture with their mama.

Among all the new life and growth there is much work to be done to pave way for the harvests of this season. Breaking down the ghosts of last years plants, tilling the soil for our growing seedlings of Calendula, Marshmallow and Angelica among others.

And weeding, weeding, weeding.

We have the pleasure, here in Maine, of dressing for three climates in any given day. Chilly mornings, hot sun warmed afternoons and nights by the wood stove. We've relished in the much needed rain this week and appreciated its slowing of our progress as we know that the plants were in much need of a spring drenching.

We have begun to tackle spring cleaning projects around the farm, restoring Gail's son Johnny's first building project, originally a shelter for cows and pigs, into a usable storage space for wood and building materials. Taking some truck fulls to the dump, repurposing old materials for the new animals to come, outdoor sink projects and carefully storing all that may serve us in the future.

We've built arbors for our hops and pruned back the grapes and roses. Buds are being gathered daily, before leafing out, for our Gemmotherapy elixirs and Rosa is gathering product, mixing medicines and shipping out your many orders from the past month.

Another season has begun,we are busy. And delighted.