The month of June has been a mix of grey, wet, unusually windy and cold days with bright, beautiful, warm, sunny days. We've used the overcast days to transplant seedlings and redistribute annuals in the gardens. We've broken up large mother plants of echinacea, separating out the individual plants to act as barriers against the ever spreading wild marjoram. Ten Elecampane were moved to a new garden near the school house and after a week or so of struggling, have begun to perk up. Yay!

We are picking roses everyday now, filling baskets and bags with the small silken petals of our early white roses. All of the roses we’ve gathered so far are laid out on screens in the drying room and have been perfuming the air alongside freshly cut nettles and marjoram. We have a good month of rose gathering ahead of us - the Rosa rugosa blossoms are just beginning to open and the apothecary roses are still tightly in bud. Roses find their way into many of our products; our award winning Rose and Vanilla Elixir, Rose Tincture, Rose Sugar, our luxurious Rose Oil, Rose Incense, our deeply nourishing Rose and Baltic Amber Cream and a number of our Herb Tea blends. This year we will be distilling batches of roses and collecting the rose hydrosol. The rose is so very gracious and generous, giving herself to be harvested twice each season. Once in flower and once in fruit. She is a gentle, yet powerful, cherished medicine for us and we are glad to be back into daily communion with her.


Two plantings of oats are in the ground, spaced one week apart. This allows us time to harvest each planting in that small five to seven day window when they are in the milky stage. The last thirty pounds or so will go in on Saturday morning.


The Lupins are in full and glorious bloom, the poppies are bursting open and the tendrils of the grapes are reaching up and out, the tiny clusters of fruit swelling larger everyday.


We are weeding, rearranging, harvesting and relishing in the beauty of our gardens and their bounty. June Blessings to all!