As tends to happen on farms in Summer we have missed doing anything the whole month of June aside from kneeling by the plants, pulling weeds and beginning to tend to the copious bounty that is offering itself for harvest. This means that we have time to tend to little else, blog posts included.

We have been cutting huge amounts of Comfrey, both for bulk dried herb sales and as an incredibly nourishing garden supplement. We use freshly harvested comfrey plants laid down between rows in the herb gardens to enrich soil and as a primary ingredient in our Gardeners Gold, Green Vitality, a plant food and compost activator we create.

June into July on the farm is all about roses, and we have been harvesting the gorgeous blossoms daily. Many baskets full of roses have been laid out on screens in our drying room and most of these will find their way into a number of our herb tea blends. We’ve also been making tinctures, putting up oil and transforming rose petals through distillation into a luscious Rose Hydrosol.

Gail recently set up her copper still on the deck and has been closely monitoring batch after batch of distilling herbs. Yarrow, with its beautiful blue Chamazulene, Hyssop and Calendula, Lemon Verbena and, of course, exquisitely fragrant Rose. These hydrosols will become potent and powerful medicines and beautifying agents for the skin and soul.


Our Calendula Blossoms are becoming more abundant by the day and the Hyssop hedges are nearly in full bloom. The Nettles we harvested weeks ago are dried and bagged to be milled upon order. The rest of our drying racks are filled with Yarrow, Calendula, Red Clover and Saint Johns Wort. And, we're making room for the branches of Birch that we will bring in this week.

We have gallon jars of Saint John’s wort oil turning red in the sun and this week Rosa made up batches of Red Clover, Motherwort, Wild Grape and Violet Leaf Tinctures. We’ve so many wonderful women's medicines brewing lovingly on the shelves.

We have our heads down, our wild hearts open and we are listening, learning and growing with the plants. Our hands are busy making the medicines they offer to us and our hearts are full in prayers of gratitude. Both for the abundance of the plants and the privilege we have of transforming them into medicines that will bless lives beyond our own.

Happy Summer. Go outside. Get dirty and rejoice.